Transfer of two Arabidella and two Cuphonotus species to the genus Lemphoria (Brassicaceae) and a description of the new species L. queenslandica

Lysak MA, Edginton M, Zuo S, Guo X, Mandáková T, Al-Shehbaz IA

Phytotaxa 549: 235-240.


The taxonomic limits of Arabidella, Cuphonotus, and Lemphoria (Brassicaceae, Microlepidieae) are revised based on a critical evaluation of morphology in light of recent cytogenomic and molecular phylogenetic findings. As a result, Lemphoria is re-established to include two species previously placed in Cuphonotus and two in Arabidella. Lemphoria queenslandica is described as a new species, and the new combinations L. andraeana, L. eremigena, L. humistrata, and L. procumbens are proposed. Keys to distinguish Arabidella and Lemphoria species and an expanded generic description of Lemphoria are provided.