Taxonomic status and typification of a neglected name Symphytum leonhardtianum from the Symphytum tuberosum complex (Boraginaceae)

Koberlová L, Mandáková T, Hroneš M

Phytotaxa 349: 225-236.


Symphytum leonhardtianum, a member of the S. tuberosum complex, is investigated. This taxon was described by Pugsley in 1931, from the vicinity of Vienna, Austria. Nevertheless, it is generally not accepted in European floras. In this study, we conducted an evaluation of this taxon using flow cytometry, karyology and morphological analysis. Flow cytometric and karyological investigations of plants from the type locality of S. leonhardtianum revealed only dodecaploids (2n = 12x = 96), a ploidy level corresponding to the S. tuberosum subsp. tuberosum. The chromosome number of the S. tuberosum from Austria is here recorded for the first time. Morphological comparison of Central European populations of S. tuberosum complex showed that S. leonhardtianum did not differ significantly from S. tuberosum subsp. tuberosum. Based on our findings, we propose treating the name S. leonhardtianum as a heterotypic synonym of S. tuberosum subsp. tuberosum. The lectotype of S. leonhardtianum is designated.